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    Automatic centerlines not showing

    Sietse Nop

      Hello folks,


      I am experiencing difficulties with centerlines, or to be more precise; automatic centerlines.

      Pretty much all our products here are cylindrical in shape, so I want solidworks to add centerlines automatically.

      I looked around on the internet, and found that you need to turn this on in document properties:

      Options>document properties>detailing>auto insert on view creation>centerlines


      I have done this, but no succes. I used the following steps:

      -I tried making your basic cilinder using a sketch, and then revolving the sketch around the centerline.

      -Then "make drawing from part" option to start the 2d drawing.

      -Use the standard template, and use the standard A4-iso template

      -make sure I have turned the option to "auto insert on view creation>centerline" on

      -then I insert some views from the standard view palette (does not matter which one, tried them all)


      Solidworks refuses to show any sort of centerline.

      I can click the centerline-button, and it will add the line just fine, but I want the centerline to be in there automatically!


      Anybody have any thoughts on how to get this to work? I am probably missing something very obvious...


      I am using solidworks 2014 sp2 with the latest drivers for a solidworks graphics cards


      Many thanks in advance