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Toolbox Not Responding

Question asked by Dan Harlan on Apr 15, 2014

SW13SP4, Win 7, Network install of ToolBox shared among 2 dozen users, using the Toolbox Settings UI


As mentioned elsewhere, I am going through our toolbox that we have had for about 6 years now and completing series and cleaning up parameters etc.It seems now that when I open Hex Socket Head Cap Screw (ANSI Inch) the toolbox becomes troublesome. Often I will be unable to save or even switch to a diffent part (washer etc).


Is there anyway to tell if the model or the database files have become corrupt? Is there an effective limit to the number of configurations that can be in a single model? Or a practical limit to the total number of configurations in a TB? Or perhaps a way to test if it is somehow due to being on a network share?