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No preview during open

Question asked by Bill Stadler on Apr 15, 2014
Latest reply on May 30, 2017 by Andrew Troup

We just went to SW2014 SP2 a few weeks ago and started noticing that when you dbl click in explorer on an assembly that has missing parts the dialog that asks if you want to browse for the file or suppress it does not pop up, it just suppressed that file(s).  If you open it from with in SW you get the dialog.  Our VAR found a workaround which is unchecking "No preview during open" under performance.  Did that and now the dialog pops up when dbl clicking in explorer to open.


Not knowing what adverse affects unchecking this setting would have I went out to the knowledge base and searched and my head still hurts from all the hits on this setting.


My question to you, have you run into issues with having this setting unchecked?  Before I tell 100 plus users to uncheck it to fix one issue I thought I would ask before I go causing another known issue.


It is unfortunate that all these performance settings, No preview, lightweights, speedpak, draft quality.....cause more issue than any"performance gain" saved having them on.