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Would you be willing to allow us to visit?

Question asked by Steven Smith on Apr 15, 2014

With our company's recent heavy investment in ePDM and Solidworks composer, I'm hoping to see if there are any people within companies local to Glasgow & the West Coast of Scotland who would be willing to allow us to come over to see how you use the software within you're company. (There is a possibility of traveling further afield)


I'm sure you can appreciate, that even though there are video's on YouTube and various other websites which show great examples, we don't get to see how companies adopt the software to their own requirements


If possible, ideal scenario's for Solidworks Composer would be.

  • Creation of Work Instructions for production operators.
  • Generation of manuals and documentation's
  • How you work with Composer and ePDM together.


If you think you may be able to help out please PM me your contact details and I'll be in touch.




Steven Smith.