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Different copies of almost the same assembly

Question asked by Jay Rabe on Apr 15, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2014 by Annette Jennings

I have searched this a bunch but havent found the answer.


I've been tasked with the job of taking existing assemblies with approximately 2-300 pieces in them that have about 8 variations at the top level and make alternate versions with switches in a new location.  To do this i need to change 4 parts and rebuild the mates to the new locations. I have made the new parts from the original files with the same part # but a -g at the end.


We use SW 2014 sp3 but dont use PDM as the other guys doing solidworks at my (one month old) job hated it.  We have a customer folder with all the models we do, a hardware folder, plumbing folder, etc.  Then a folder for each model we have all of the common parts and sub assemblies and a folder named top level with the top assembly versions in it.


How do i take an existing model, make a copy of it and break links to the original from the copy so it doesn't try to update the original.


Maybe an example would make this easier.  Say i drew up a bottle with a cap.  Its called bottle.  I want to make an almost identical copy of the assembly but use a green cap instead of clear. How do i make bottle-g.sldasm from bottle.sldasm without bottle-g trying to change bottle to the green cap?  This is obviously oversimplified, the model i'm trying to do this with has a few hundered parts. Typically I work with small assemblies and building a few isnt a big deal.  But with this many parts I'll be here for weeks.


Thanks for any help or ideas.