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Best Method for Patterning a Highly Detailed Part for .stl export

Question asked by Rick Blaha on Apr 15, 2014

The base part in question is roughly 0.250" square with a tiny XY hole pattern across the surface (spaced ~0.006" apart). I have attempted to make a linear pattern of this to get a 9" square, but the model becomes too large to rebuild/complete the operation.


As an alternative, I took the base part in lightweight and put it in an assembly in large assembly mode. I am able to pattern out to a 9" square by this way. However, my issue is now I have multiple parts that are not one body. In order to modify any features/properties, I believe I would have to take all the parts out of lightweight mode and end up back in the situation described above.


The end goal is to be able to replicate the base part to reach the specified overall size and export the single part as a .stl file without having the internal faces which would be present from simply mating parts adjacent to one another.


I will also note that I do not need to retain the ability to edit the base features in the large part. I am planning on keeping the base part as my variable component. If there is a way to strip the edit ability of features down when creating the large part, this may help as well.


System config:

ASUS Z87 Expert mobo

Intel i7 4771 3.5 GHz CPU

Win 7 pro x64 (visually stripped down for performance)

256GB SSD Boot

32GB DDR3 2400 RAM

AMD FirePro W7000 4GB Video Card