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    Symmetric Circles on Surface

    Shorn Jacob



      Hello Guys.


      My first post here.


      I want to make the two circles to be of the same distance from the edges on both sides.


      Like to know the neat way to do this

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          Kelef Man

          hei'ya Shorn, welcome to the forum,

          great first post, loads of different reasons-

          for doing things one way or another,

          it depends on where you want to get to,

          as an end product

          see att-prt fileSW2013 to get started


          hole spacing.jpg

          hope this helps you, have a good'n kelef

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            Glenn Schroeder

            One way is to place a centerline down the middle of the surface, fully define the first circle, then mirror it about the centerline.  While I avoid linear patterns in sketches, mirroring works well (except with arcs, for some reason) and I use it often.


            Similarly, you could place both circles, place the centerline, then Ctrl+select both circles and the centerline and apply a symmetric relation, which is effectively the same thing as the mirror.


            A third option without using the centerline would be to place construction lines for both circles, as I have below on the right side, and apply equal relations.



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              Matt Neuman

              Another way is similar to Glenns, but instead of the centerline, draw a construction line from the edge to the center of each hole, then make the construction lines collinear and equal.Sketch Holes.JPG

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                Philip Lewis

                This is one of those questions that has a bunch of right answers. Another way to align them is to use a centerline between them. I like doing this and then using another line to select the midpoints which makes them equal distance from the edge like the others.





                You can also just make the center points horizontal.




                It all comes down to end use and what you find works best for your modeling.