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What gives with the previous applied "mates"???

Question asked by rusty drake on Apr 14, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2014 by Jeff Mirisola

I have an electrical connector in an assembly and it (the connector) is fully defined.  Let's call it part "X".


Now, as I look at the portrayal of part "X", I realize (even though it isn't necessary in this particular assembly) that if this connector had the appropriate strain relief in place, it would look much better as a visual than just the connector itself being shown.


So I create a simple 2 part assembly with the connector (part "X") and the strain relief (let's call it part "Y").  Now, going back to the big assembly, I find the connector (part "X") in the feature tree and do the "replace component" function, choose the "XY" subassembly and swap.


What I can't understand is the every mate that was put on part "X" is now lost, even though part "X" is within the subassembly.  Maybe I should have brought the strain relief into the main assembly, defined it in place and then created the "subassembly" from there.


I see the "reattach mates" check box but this doesn't seem to do the "complete" set of mates applied.


Comments anyone?