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    Import Diagnostics?

    Raul Bueno

      after importing a part from a .stp file or any other for that matter is there a way for you to set that file to where they cannot run import diagnostics on the part so they cannot turn the bodies into features? I am trying to send this assembly i made into solid parts then made them in to solid body files to a customer without them getting to much information but in order for them to do what they need to do i need to give them accurate model of the whole assembly but i dont want them to run diagnostics and get too much info.

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          Mark Biasotti

          Import Diagnostics does not run if there is valid geometry (solids from step); it only runs when there is something geometrically wrong. Is it the case that you want to purposely send faulty part/assembly to your client?  The alternative is to send them a parasolid file (.x_t) which will not use Import diagnostics.



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            Jerry Steiger



            It is not Import Diagnostics but FeatureWorks that they would use to turn the imported bodies into features. If you send them a good IGES, STEP or Parasolid model, they will be able to use FeatureWorks or their own engineering skills to reverse engineer it. You can send them an stl file to make it harder on them, but then you lose the accuracy. My personal take on this is not to work with partners that you don't trust.


            Jerry S.