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    need to add to the materials list

    Joe Black

      i wish to add some concrete and brick and blockwork to the materials lists ,is it possible to do this and how is it done ?

      i have autocad as a source but would they work in SW?

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          Kelef Man

          Hei'ya Joe, you can add custom materials,


          Custom Material.jpg


          RMB click on the material in the feature tree,

          and choose edit material

          select a material from those offered

          (best one for close to start with),

          when the material is highlighted Ctrl+C

          to copy the starting file

          RMB click on Custom Materials

          (at the bottom of list usually)

          insert New Category, name ( eg MyMatl/Brickwork) and paste

          the copied file in the new category

          RMB and rename the custom material- eg Red Brick

          set the properties, appearance etc.options  as required and apply

          not sure about using ext.data files, sorry

          but this will give you a start

          hope this helps- have a good'n kelef