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Electrical Routing Reuse or Recyclability design improvement

Question asked by Luis C. Loredo Bellido on Apr 11, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2015 by Luis C. Loredo Bellido

Hello everybody,


I´m using SolidWorks Electrical 3D to route harnesses, cables and wires. I realized that, after duplicating a project, it will keep the wires and harnesses. What kind of modifications can be done without "breaking" anything?


Is there a way to modify 2D schematics wire numbers, and 3D parts associated to components, and keep updated the lenght of wires in the 2D reports of SolidWorks Electrical?


Despide the lack of information transmition from 2D schematic to 3D SolidWorks Electrical Routing Assemblies, does anyone has enough "Routing" experience with the "Routing Add-in" to recover "broken not linked to 2D" harnesses? I´m able to route, create sketches and modify harnesses. But I don´t know how to modify "wires" in a harness and all its potential. Which seems to be neccesary.


Furthermore, has anybody tried to change the "wire number" of a wire in a harness, change the wire number in a 2D schematic and has it keep updated the report lengths?


What I try, is to create harnesses and "re-use" them in a new SolidWorks Electrical project as if it were normal "Routing". Is it possible? It must be. If this is not possible, if we have to remake each harness for each new project I would finish faster doing my flattenings by hand.


Looking forward for your answers.