David Schaller

Why do you take up so much space with useless, huge icons and dead white space?

Discussion created by David Schaller on Apr 10, 2014

1/3 of my browser window is taken up by useless, huge icons and blank white space, making it almost impossible to read the summaries on the page.  Why do you continue to insist on taking up so much real estate on my browser with this?  If you had a way to upload an image I would have done so.  I can understand the DS/My.SolidWorks banner across the top, but why the huge bar with Home icon, What's new, Learning, and Bookmarks piece?  Even worse, the "Recent Content From the Community" with "Narrow by" pulldown creates a huge dead white space across the entire browser, when non of it even needs to stay there once I have selected the filters I want.  Whoever is doing the layout for this app needs to try and use it - if you dont have a 1920x1280 screen it is painfully useless!