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    Cannot resolve location on some parts in a copied assy…

    Bruce Cox

      I create a new sub-assy from an existing sub that’s near identical except for a few parts. So the new sub shares parts and also has unique parts. The way I’ve been doing this is to use “pack and go” to a temp folder with a new name. Then rename the parts that will be unique and delete the parts that will be reused. Then copy assy and new parts back into the original assy folder.


      Better way?


      I thought that all worked fine in SW2012 but after the upgrade to 2014 some of the parts are suppressed and cannot be unsuppressed. I cannot “locate the part myself”. When I unsuppressed there is not even a warning, nothing happens. There is commonality amongst the unsuppressable... Those parts are not in the folder that the new sub is in. They are 2 folders up. How to resolve those locations?


      i just noticed i have an internaly saved part in there. it would be a common part so that's gonna be a problem but i would think completly unrelated.






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          Deepak Gupta

          Open up the file and then right click on them in the assembly feature tree and select set to resolved. SW will read the file and it should fix.


          Other way would be to let SW prompt you for the missing file. To do this go to Tools > Options > System Options > Messages/Errors/Warnings and make sure there is no message about missing file or unable to locate. If yes then tick that one and click OK. then open up your assembly and SW should ask you for the missing files.


          The next way would be to click on assembly in the open dialog box but don't open it. Now click on references in the same box and then fix the location for the files as required. Finally open the assembly and check.

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              Bruce Cox

              Thanks Deepak. I knew there was a way or five to handle the problem. The goof-ball fix I found was to do a “replace components” on one of the un-suppressible parts… it would not allow me to replace the component with another of the same name but after hitting cancel the location was resolved and everything unsuppressed. Why did that work? Beats me. My biggest problem was that I don’t remember this ever being a problem before.