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Does Solidworks use GPU cores for NUMERIC processing?

Question asked by Lee Brown on Apr 10, 2014
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I am having trouble tracking down a straight answer to this question: Does Solidworks make use of GPU cores for numeric processing?


My goal is to greatly speed up Solidworks Simuations, mainly FEA and Motion Analysis.  I am purchasing a new workstation and I need to decide whether to buy it with one or two nVidia K5000 GPUs.  Each K5000 has the equivalent of 256 processor cores.  An application designed to take advantage of both GPUs would have the equivalent of 512 cores at its disposal.  But two K5000 GPUs would be wasted if Solidworks will not utilize them for numeric processing.


So I am hoping that someone from Solidworks can tell me to what extent, if any, that Solidworks Simulation will utilize GPU cores and what speed increase, if any, can be gained.  Or if I would be better off trying to maximize CPU cores instead.


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