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Error when creating dynamic study from frequency results.  Cannot create "Treat as Remote Mass"

Question asked by Nathan Obermiller on Apr 9, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2014 by Jared Conway

So I've been working with a very complex assembly with lots of small gaps and whatnot between parts.  I was able to model it in simulation with contact sets and remote masses and rigid parts.  I decided to simplify the model for the sake of computing time.  I got rid of all my gaps and got it all down to make a single solid body, with the exception of one part.  I made an assembly with the part but still am treating it as remote mass.  I do not care about it other than the mass and moment it applies to me model.


In frequency study I modeled the remote mass, exactly as my large assembly before.  That ran fine, and as expected my results were very similar to the large assembly study.  When I try to create a new dynamic study I get this error:



This is news to me.  Since when are any of these things in the notification box true?  I've been modeling dynamic studies with beams, rigid parts, remote masses, etc.  forever.  So, I tried to create a dynamic study from scratch, but when I click on my solid body to treat it as a remote mass, this option is not available.  And actually I have no options available to convert it to rigid, fixed, a beam, surfaces, etc.  The part is the same file and configuration as the part I successfully modeled in the other assembly as a remote mass.


Anyone else seen this?