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Setting up Solidnetworks for the first time

Discussion created by Marc Sorensen on Feb 8, 2007
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We just made the switch to Solidnetworks based licensing, withSolidworks 2007 2.2.  

We did a fresh install of Office Premium on 2 machines and loadedthe license administrator onto our server.  The server andclients are all running version 15/2.2 of the Solidnetwork LicenseAdministrator.

 We own 1 of each Solidworks, Solidworks Office and SolidworksOffice Premium.  For some reason whenever we try and start upSolidworks, on either machine, it always takes the Solidworkslicense in addition to Office or Office Premium.

We tried playing with the add-ons, as people other peoplesuggested, to see if we could force it to take Office orOffice Premium and it will. However, it also takes the Solidworkslicense with it.  Once one person is in, the next person can'tget in because there are no Solidworks licenses left.

Has anyone else had this problem?