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Lofting to connect two bodies in a 'smooth' way

Question asked by Shar Fa on Apr 10, 2014
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Hi guys,


This is some sort of a plastic casing for a computer I'm trying to make. The shape is crucial in this case.

On the left you can see 1/2 half of the case with a thickness of 3 mm all around (mostly..) & hollow in the middle.

On the right, is the amorphic shape I created which I want to:


- using sketch81 (orange) to loft cut from body left to body right in a 'smooth' way so no weird shapes on the sides of the bodies

- using sketch82 (green) to loft extrude the two bodies to connect between them (again, 'smoothly')


Basically connecting the 2 bodies into 1 hollow case.


But I can't for some reason create a sketch on the right body.


Can anyone help me figure this out?






Thanks a lot!