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stuck on how to build this part

Question asked by Jim Mooney on Apr 9, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2014 by Jim Mooney

Me and a friend are into model railorading and he had a project he wanted to build. The car was called a larry car and they are used to load coal into coke ovens. I had originally intended to just laser cut the "sheet metal" parts and scratchbuild the rest. But we got to thinking we could probably get the trucks 3D printed. Then he says, why don't we get the whole thing 3D printed? Well...after some back and forth with shapeways with errors, I started looking for more potential errors. Well the sheet metal parts I had originally designed to be folded would never work, nothing holding the corners together. I redsigned the large coal bin, but the coal chutes down the bottom are proving to be a real kicker. I had just cobbled the chute from pieces that are barely held together in solidworks, but they gave me a good idea of how to lay it out and laser cut it. But now I was trying to figure out to do this , well...for real. I watched some videos on line about layout, and there was some good info there, but still not enough to get me started. I not only have to build this part, but it also has to fit in place (no gaps). I am pretty proficient with in context part building and using blocks. Thanks for any help!chute assembly tapered.JPGLarry car full stripped assembly.JPGLarry car bin only.JPG