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Search for quotations with status vaiable set to "Open" returns "Closed"?

Question asked by Jeff Thomas on Apr 9, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2014 by Jeff Thomas

I have a search function setup that will search all quotations for "Open" jobs. The "Job Status" variable has this written to the card during the initial transition to review. When the document transitions to the "Complete" state, "Closed" is written to the variable. Yesterday during the project update meeting when the search for open jobs was ran a closed job was listed, and the variable showed "Open", however when looking at the data card the variable was set to "Closed". Any ideas why this is happening? I get the feeling that because "Open" was written there at one time it gets displayed, because when I run a "Closed Job" search, open jobs do not get displyed. Is there a way to prevent the colsed jobs from displaying?


Thanks for the input.