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Unable to switch Configuration - Driveworks Xpress

Discussion created by Nuno Pedro on Apr 9, 2014
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I am making this discussion to try to undestand if this problem is something in my computer (or sw instalation) or if it is something wrong with my rules.


So I make a rule to switch configurations in and assembly based on the input dimensions and other inputs, and the rule returns the expected value, and driveworks tries to change the configuration, but in the end I have the message "Unable to sitch configuration to "...(Config name)..." ", but in the retrived assembly the configuration that is been used is the correct one.


That happens in several diferent driveworks programs in different configurations (but only give this erron in one of the several configurations).


In the rule I have several IF conditions inside the main IF, and this only happens in tha configuration that is retrived in the else section of the last IF.


This is not really a problem because in the end all the dimensions and active configurations are correct, but it is only a discussion..