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Any recent experience/recommendations for voice recognition?

Question asked by Max Crittenden on Apr 9, 2014

I did a search on this subject, but I didn't find any posts newer than 2011.


For several years I used Dragon Naturally Speaking to control Solidworks. Starting last summer, SW began crashing frequently. After months of back and forth with my VAR, they (or SW) finally determined that the crashes were connected with the use of Dragon. I've put in a request with Dragon to support Solidworks.


In the meantime, I've tried Windows speech recognition. But it's very slow, and when I speak a number, for example changing a dimension in a dialog box, it requires me to choose whether I want the number written numerically or spelled out in words. Which slows me down even more.


I'm now trying to use Xpresso, which should be good since it's designed to work with Solidworks. But it's also slow. And it often doesn't respond at all to spoken words when a dialog box is open. And, what's worse, it gives me lots of false positives: trying to add a balloon when I'm in a part or assembly, adding + signs or other punctuation when I'm speaking a number, and so on. Apparently the mike is picking up my breathing or sounds from passersby and trying to interpret them.


I accept that voice recognition is likely to slow down my work flow somewhat. I'm only using it to protect the health of my wrists. But it's getting increasingly difficult to use. Does anyone have a better product than what I've tried? Any advice on making it less frustrating and more efficient?