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    Center marks

    Dale Quattrin

      I have a part that is a slot-shaped base with a slot-shaped extension extending up from the base. There are two sets of holes at the end of each slot-shaped element. I, therefore, have two sets of three center marks located next to each other: One for the hole and slot end of the extension with the same center, one for the center of the rounded slot-shaped base, and one for the hole in the slot-shaped base. The middle one overlaps with the two side center marks. I want to keep the two vertical extension lines and the vertical and horizontal small marks in the middle center mark but want to get rid of the two horizontal extension lines that overlap the two marks on each side. Is there a way to turn off the visibility of these lines or delete just those two? I know I could just create a single centerline there but that would seem to be creating a workaround for something that should be easy. Is there a way?