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Q: rerouting all children from 1 datum plane to another.

Question asked by Sean Powell on Apr 8, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2014 by Sean Powell

Hello, New to the forums here. If this is the wrong location hopefully a moderater will move it.


This should be a simple question. For complex reasons the previous owner of a model created "Plane 2" offset from "Right" by 1 inch. That made sense when the part was conceptualized and 'right' matched with certain features in the assembly. Through successive iterations, all references to "Right" have been removed and features are now sketched on "Plane 2" or other surfaces and use "Plane 2" as a datum for dimensions. There are maybe 150 child features involved. There is no longer a practical reason to have a "Plane 2" and it currently overlaps "Right". The ideal would be to re-route all children from "Plane 2" to "Right" without manually fixing all of them individually. Solidworks 2014 Premium x64 now has a nifty "Replace Entity" function while sketching but I can't seem to find a replace or reroute for whole features.


This should be as easy as:




Plane 2

Done (<-- Can you see the ProE experience)


I can't seem to find an appropriate command in Solidworks. Can anyone help?