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Best practice to send PDF drawings of part to ERP

Question asked by Terry Raymond on Apr 8, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2018 by Ants Palgi

Do any of yall know of a good method to automatically send PDFs from EPDM to ERP?

One way I think would work would be to place file path links, to the PDFs I want to send, into the EPDM Part datacard; this data is sent to ERP.  Would need some combination of add-in/manual connecting the PDFs to the parts.  Very open to suggestions.


Example of a part with 2 PDFs I want to send to ERP, and what is already in EPDM:

Weldment with 2 separate drawings (only one shows in Where Used tab):

where used 1.png

Other drawing shows weldment in it's Contains tab:

where used 2.png

And the 2nd PDF I want to send to ERP is in it's Where Used tab:

where used 3.png



Our ERP (Epicor) is set up to print travellers, and can also automatically print PDFs that are attached to the parts inside ERP.  Can also email & do other things with the attachments, so they are handy to have in ERP.


Perhaps this has already been done before.  Thanks for any insight into this functionality we are looking to get.