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'No loads... are defined' error in static temperature study

Question asked by Bradley Rossi on Apr 8, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2014 by Jared Conway

I am performing a static study (I have SWorks Premium 2014) on a longish thin assembly - two aluminium extrusions that are joined by and thermally insulated by two plastic (polyamide) strips. I am simply fixing the assembly at one end, applying a 60degC temperature to one aluminium body, 0degC to the other metal body, and the zero strain temperature (298 Kelvin) to the plastic in order to determine how much the assembly deflects due to differential thermal expansion/contraction of the metal. When I've used Globally bonded contact - along the entire length of the plastic/metal interfaces - the problem solves satisfactorily. When I have assumed the plastic/aluminium is only bonded at discrete points along the length - i.e. joined by fasteners, and have set 'no penetration' along the remainder of those surfaces, the mesh solves satisfactorily but the solver fails with the message:


Can anyone point me to where I can 'activate the proper flag' ? The Flow/Thermal Effects tab seems to offer no help.