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help with contours

Question asked by Charlie Orbell on Apr 8, 2014
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Ok so I'm pretty new to solid works I have been learning mainly through tutorials on youtube,


My question is this I don't seem to be able to select contours in an already extruded sketch once I have exited the sketch and ok the first extrude if I go to select the sketch again to make another extrude on a different contour it wont allow me to select anything the two links below are the type of thing I have been attempting, I can make the sketch in the first one no problem and extrude the circles but when I go back to make the wefts and the base I cant select the contours to extrude them,


on the second video I make the circles dimension them and go to extruded boss and it auomaticly go's to select contours but it selects the whole sketch and doesn't allow me to select anything elce.


any help or advise would be greatly apriciated as this is frustrating me like crazy,


thanks in advance.. Charlie