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Eliminating 2D drawings

Question asked by Wayne Traina on Apr 7, 2014
Latest reply on May 6, 2014 by Jerry Steiger


I would like to streamline the implementation of my CAD designs by eliminating the generation of 2D drawings. Is there a best practices convention for doing this in SW? All the sizing and tolerance data is in my 3D model but since the machine shops my company uses don't use SW they don't have access to that data. They want either a fully detailed 2D drawing in dxf format or 3D IGES, STEP or Parasolid to program their Mastercam software. And neither of those 3D file formats carry the tolerances of the features. I've tried using the DimXpert which shows datums and tolerances then publishing an eDrawing of the part, which they can then download the free eDrawing viewer, but DimXpert assigns its' own global tolerance even though I've assigned my own unique tolerance to that feature. And even though I've enabled the measurement option in the eDrawing, no tolerances are attached to the measurement. Any thoughts?