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X_T no longer changes transparent colors to solid colors.

Question asked by Bruce Cox on Apr 7, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2014 by Bruce Cox

I draw everything in transparent colors. It gets messy looking but I know what I’m seeing. My customers however do not know what they are seeing. It’s not been a problem because exporting as x_t turned all the transparent colors solid… so I had a way to turn the model solid colors.  Apparently 2014 “fixed” that so now transparency is preserved in X_T conversions. I even exported to earlier versions of X_T and the colors are still transparent.


So, anyone got a suggestion to “toggle” the colors from transparent to solid? Anyone know a trick to make X_T convert transparent colors to solid like it worked in 2012? I experimented and IGES and Step will convert to solid colors but these formats are so slow and bloated.


2014 has made me very unhappy.