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How to manage configurations in BOM table and while saving drawings?

Question asked by Ashish Sharma on Apr 7, 2014
Latest reply on May 13, 2014 by Eric Smith

Hello all,

I'm having a little trouble with configurations management. Below is the goal I want to achieve:

Goal#1 : when we create the BOM table in a drawing we get a specific value under part number column which is based on what we specify in the configuration properties of that part or assembly i.e the document name or the configuration name.
Well I want to customize this to have :
Document name - configuration name (document name followed by the configuration name)

for example : if document name of a part is : "ASD_001" and I have 3 configurations in that part having names "A1", "B1" and "C1" respectively. Now I'm using this part in an assembly having three configurations again (showing separate configurations of the part in assembly configurations). then I have a assembly drawing file showing all the configurations in separate sheets. A1 on first sheet, B1 on second sheet and C1 on the third.
So in the BOM table of first sheet I want to show "ASD_001-A1" for the part "ASD_001" and in the second sheet I want it to show "ASD_001-B1"

Goal#2 : Consider part ASD_001 with three configurations A1, B1 and C1 again and I have a part drawing with three configurations on separate sheets.
So when I save the drawing to PDF, it will usually name it as "ASD_001" with three pages showing each configuration.
Here I want to save this drawing to 3 separate pdf files named as : Part name - configuration name.

For example : ASD_001-A1, ASD_001-B1 and ASD_001-C1

That means name of the configuration will be automatically added at the end of the document name while saving it to PDF.

That's all

Looking forward!!