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    improving performances?!

    Eugen Popa

      hello all,


      what is my problem: I'm the only designer in my company, I have the SW license on my computer and all SW files on ther server, in several folders (maybe hundreds).

      what I want to know is: if I'd do a main folder for all SW files (with sub-folders), it will improve the perfomances of my PC? sometimes the assemblies contains parts that are in different sub-folders, that are in different folders, and so on. I'm not an IT specialist but in my opinion, like in real life, if the distance is shorter, the time needed to travel is also shorter.



      thanks in advance.

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          Jeff Holliday

          Although the number of folders that the files are stored in is partly responsible, I think a bigger problem is when you are working from a server different from your own computer. The speed of the communication between server/computer is certainly slower than when you are working locally.

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            Joe Kuzich

            I wouldn't think putting them all in main folder would do much for you.  Like Jeff said having the files on a server and not on your local machine makes a significant difference.  Switching to EPDM to manage that has helped improve performance for us.  The EPDM software allows you to store your files on the server but when you want to work on them you check the file(s) out and it puts them on your PC until you check them back in.  It has some quirks of it's own but is well worth it. I would recommend checking it out. 


            There are many other things that could be effecting your SW performance though.  Have you traced out other possible areas that you can improve performance? 


            Processor speed, not making circular references, how you structure items in your tree, can you reduce things that need to be calculated (like not showing threads on screws).  Not showing the threads on screws was huge for me.  Now we just a simplified version that uses a simple cylinder of the correct dia./length for the threaded portion with the correct head design since that is what's important for us to show.

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                Jeff Mirisola

                I think Joe has a good idea, but I'd go with the free PDM that came with your license, assuming you have Pro or Premium. The money you'd lay out for ePDM wouldn't be worth it at this point.

                By using PDM, a copy of all the files you need will be on your hard drive. When you're done, you check them back into the vault then check out whatever it is you need for the next project.

                When all is said and done though, having a good PC will work wonders as well. What are your system specs?

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                Eugen Popa

                thank you all.

                I have a pretty good machine, an work station recommended by our VAR. I've also took a look at PDM Workgroup but since I'm the only user, and we have parts with a Rev in their name (demanded by manufacturer), it didn't seem to be the best solution for us.

                it seems that the problem come from the connection with the server, the network.


                thanks again.

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                  Michael Lord

                  An alternative, as you are a single user, is to simply work directly off your local drive and Sync (with something like SyncToy) back to the Server.   This has the added advantage of giving you a back up of your files on both your local machine and the Server