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new SP2.0 of solidworks 2014. NEW PROBLEMS :(

Question asked by Miguel Ramirez on Apr 7, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2014 by Miguel Ramirez

in the previous versions of solidworks 2014. SP0.0 and SP1.0  had problems with the still water texture.



becaus when I rendering with this texture the PV360 send me a black render (only black in the texture) in sp0.0 I solved the problen with the last version of my nvidia quadro k3000m version, but with the SP1.0 this problem back... so, many time i dont use this texture.. then the magical fairy visit my solidworks because the texture works now!



yesterday I download and installing the SP2.0 and the texture crash again.



I dont know whats happening with this machine or solidworks.



any have one idea?



yesterday render using still water texture (dialectric texture outside and still water inside)


Front Perspective 1_Corvaglia.JPG


today render  using the same texture and the same mode of application




and attach the texture here