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Bending a metal sheet with helicoidal shape.

Question asked by Junior Guerreiro on Apr 7, 2014
Latest reply on May 2, 2014 by Junior Guerreiro

Hi there,


I'm new on this, i'm still on university so my knowledge is limited, i search on forums and videos (youtube) to understand and do stuff, and also consult my professor, but i don't like to ask how to do, i like do understand on my own, but it burns time like hell but also i hate to waste time, ironic right? (its stupid actually)


So i'm making a conical conveyor that does a 90º curve, and it goes from elevation A to B (A>B), so the axis of the conveyor does an helix effect, ok i've done it -> fig.1



but now i want to flatten it so it goes do production (drawings), (i need to make all the pieces and make them good for construction), I'm not an expert on working with sheet metal, or transform solid to sheet metal, i'm very very poor about sheet metal, i already saw stuff on Youtube but not the ones i want, or at least i think.


i already made holes for the conical rollers fig2


I apreciate any help


(attachment is my attempt)


this is what i want to do.

helicoidal conical convoyer.jpg