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Rotate text in sketch mode (engraving)

Question asked by Gerard Boterman on Apr 6, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2014 by Gerard Boterman

How simple cant it be? Frustrations ongoing.

Opening a sketch, I type a word, e.g. FRONT.

As per manual, after placing text I highlight the text 'FRONT' to rotate it, default is 30°.

now each letter rotates, not what I want, I want to rotate the complete word.

Now I got several text indications that need to be readeable from the outside of a cylindrical plate at 60°.

So I need the copy around a center point. The text is U1, U2, U3 up to U6.

Each text need to be at a 60° rotated angle.

I created these texts in one sketch, then edit the text to rotate, same problem, the U and the number rotate individual.

I tried finding help in manuals, Internet, it seems simply impossible to do this task within a minute or less.

Why can't I simply rotate a text in SolidWorks without having to read manuals and do internet searches, still finding no answers.

Anybody, please?