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    Feature Manager View event handling

    Marcin Pilat

      I'm having trouble with handling of event of feature manager views. Language is C#.


      I added a handler to ActivateNotify (DFeatMgrViewEvents_ActivateNotifyEventHandler) of a FeatMgrView. The handler does run but I can't figure out how to interpret the parameter. The documentation says "Post-notifies the user program once a FeatureManager design tree view is activated and returns the view handle" and the parameter to the handler is a "ref Object". What actual object is behind this object? When getting the type, it says Int32. This would make sense that it is a handle but then how do you get the actual view/window/control/etc from that handle? Tried various casts and FromHandle methods and nothing seemed to work. When debugging, the value is not the same as the handle value of the created feature manager view or the embedded control. Any help?


      Thank you!!