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Exporting Long Animation from Composer

Question asked by Alexander Buczynsky on Apr 7, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2014 by Earl Hasz

I am using Solidworks Composer to create animations for training purposes. These animation range from 30 seconds to 8+ minutes. The problem I have been running into is that because AVI files have a limit of up to a maximum of 2GB without having to be re-indexed, I have not been able to render the full videos in a single video file. In order to work around this issue I have been exporting the animations into video format by generating the AVI files in 50 second blocks and then stitching them together in Adobe Premier.


So my question would be if there is any other way to export these longer animations directly from Composer so that I don't have to render the 50 second blocks to bypass the AVI file size limit?