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SolidWorks BOM Save As XLSX Exports Wrong Font Size

Question asked by Jared Huffman on Apr 7, 2014

I use a SolidWorks BOM in Assembly drawings and then Save As...  *.XLSX file to export them to Excel. 


This process results in different font sizes from those in my table; they appear to be scaled up by a factor of about 1.4. 



For example, the main body of the table is set to Arial, 10pt.  When I open the exported table in Excel, the font is Arial, 14pt. 


To get the fonts I wanted, I was able to guess and check to determine that 13 yields 18, 6 yields 8, and 7 yields 10.  This holds true whether the font size is set through BOM settings in Document Properties or through the pop-up formatting toolbar.  It is true whether I have one consistent font for the entire table or several different fonts throughout.  The font, bold, and italics settings all transfer through correctly, but for some reason it is scaling my font sizes. 


Any idea why it does this?  Is there a setting somewhere to change this behavior? 


My guess and check workaround seems to get the job done, but it is not an ideal solution.  Furthermore, I am concerned that other users in my network using the same templates might have differently scaled exported font sizes. 



Thanks for any help!