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    How to produce normal-to-views for a technical document?

    Daniel Lau

      Hello guys,


      this is my first post so I'm not sure if this is going in the right section - I hope it is.


      Over the last 3 weeks I've been stressing trying to resolve about 100 issues I've had with my 3d model. It's a wireframe chair that I've drawn half of - mostly as 3d sketches - and then swept, then mirrored to create the entire thing.


      Now I need to produce the technical drawings for the manufacturer and they have requested that I supply them with 1:1 normal-to-views of all the bends and details etc.


      This is where my knowledge stalls. I am aware I will have to save as a DWG and then open it in the autoCAD afterwards to produce the 1:1 drawings, but because of the design of my chair and the incorrect way I've drawn it, I'm having nothing short of a nightmare trying to produce all the required normal-to-views because it's all loose 3D sketches and sweeps. A few details I have drawn on planes, so they've been easy to produce 'NTViews' for... Can anyone help?


      Do I need to upload the file so people can better understand my problem?


      Any useful and helpful feedback would be massively appreciated as myy deadline for the technical drawings is this Tuesday 8th at the very latest.