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Mates error in assembly keep coming back

Question asked by Jano Reyneke on Apr 4, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2015 by Chris Brooking



I have a problem with mates in certain assemblies , we use solidworks proffessional 2014 and PDM at the office and I have a number of assemblies where the mates are marked red and when I fix it , it goes normal , but as soon as I click update it turns red again , I have even gone as far as deleting all the mates and entered them again from scratch ,then they also turn normal again , but even after I have saved that , as soon as I close the model and reopen it again , all the same mates are red again.

Have deleted the mates about 5 times and still nothing changes , it is also not on my licence , the other draughtsman in our office (who works on her own license) is experiencing the same problem with these certain assemblies.

has anyone seen this before?