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    Add-In Creation

    Michael Ferraro

      Hey All,


      I come bearing questions.


      I have what I believe to be a fairly straightforward request.


      I have never made one before but I am looking to create an add-in that does the following:


      Whenever an assembly with a specific custom property (with a value of yes/no) is brought into the current assembly, it dissolves the assembly being brought in.


      What would be the best way to go about doing so?





        • Re: Add-In Creation
          Keith Rice



          Are you trying to write this yourself? If so then you will need to know...


          • A .NET language --- either C# or VB.NET. You can also use C++, but unless you already know C++ I would not recommend this since there are very few examples in C++ to help you. If you already know VBA, VB.NET is a good stepping stone.
          • How to create an add-in, either from scratch or using the SolidWorks API SDK. You will probably want to use the latter. It can be installed from the SolidWorks DVD or download from the customer portal.
          • How to create event notifications in .NET or C++ if you are new to programming, IMO. Event notifications are what will let your program know when a component is added to the active assembly.


          Are you interested in a professional development team writing this for you? You can learn more about the services I provide here.


          Hope this helps.



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