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    How to cal. point load on steel structure ?

    Rajiv Rajiv

      Hello all,

      I am using SW 2012, I made a steel struture for Steel Water Tank (5000 Ltr.) at 5.5 Meter height but i am not sure It will work or not, is any way that i want find out the point load that comes in my Struture legs. ??


      Enclosed typ. of view of struture ??

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          Jared Conway

          are you using solids? shells? beams?


          if you have a point to select, you can create a point load

          but ask yourself, does a point load really exist in the physical world? take a look at some examples that people have done here on the forum and the issues they run into with point loads, namingly high stress in that area. if you don't need the info there, thats ok