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    simulation - web roller contact no penetration - not working ( it is penetrating)?

    Sharath Kumar Ananda Kumar

      Hello All,


      It would be of great help if you could advise me on why solidworks is not behaving the way I want it to for the following way.


      I had modelled the roller to be of 2.9 inch dia solid extruded part. Opened an assembly, added 4 of these same rollers. Provided mates to sit it in the location I would want. created a new part inside the assembly (web) which would go around the 4 rollers with an offset of 0.0005 inch and extruded it as a surface.


      Created a non-linear dynamic study.


      I am trying to find stress distribution of a thin web ( linear elastic 600000psi - E, v - 0.3; made as surface and defined as shell elements 0.001 inch thin and shell meshed using midsurface) passing through 4 roller ( made rigid) with no penetration contact type provided ( no penetration, cylindercal surface of roller in first set and all the bottom/top surfaces of the web in the second set; friction of 0.3 ; surface to surface contact).


      The roller can revolve around its own axis ( I provided an advanced fixture on cylinderical faces with 0 displacement on both axial and radial direction, thus allowing it to rotated along its axis).


      The loads provided are supposed to be 1000 psi on one end and 2 inch/second on the other end of the web. Both these loads are to be applied as a linear load between 0 and 5 seconds. Thereafter being a constant load from 5 to 20 seconds ( I provided pressure load on right side and displacement with time in advanced fixture on the left side to accomplish the same).


      I then meshed it using standard mesh of 0.25 inch , 0.25 inch. allowed large displacement and large strain. The program was solved using FFEplus (iterative) solver.


      When I run the simulation, I could see that the web is penetrating into the roller and coming out from the other side ( It is just not the visulization that seems to have penetrated). The same happens even if I have a single roller with web over it with 90 degree rotation between the two ends of the web. The same happens even if I make the model exactly contacting on each other or if I have a proved a gap intially between the web and roller.


      Kindly advise on why the web is penetrating into the roller? Thanks a lot for your support


      PS: The assembly model has been attached as image file for reference.