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How to create a property page at the bottom of a newly created 'custom' tab into feature manager tree.

Question asked by Cgtech Cgtech on Apr 3, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2014 by Marcin Pilat



I am trying to create user interface for the custom addin using Solidworks API (Using C++ and MFC). I have one question about creating certain GUI elements; I would appreciate if you can help me looking for an answer or guide me to any material for further investigation.


As shown in the picture attached, I am trying to create the custom property page by right-clicking on newly created custom tree nodes (which will be part of a addin). Custom property page should be opened as shown in the picture (under the addin tree) so that user can access both addin custom tree and also corresponding custom property page.


Now, I was able to create new instance of FeatureManager at the bottom by using SW API "put_FeatureManagerSplitterPosition" but the newly created property manager page still appears in the top FeattureManager property tab and NOT in the one which is bottom. My question is What should I do to be able to make the custom property page to appear in the FeatureManager instance which is at the bottom? Is there an additional property that I have to set?