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SW not returning to assembly after Viewing Mates

Question asked by Matthew Watts on Apr 3, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2016 by Brad Letourneau

I am having a recurring problem.  Previously I had been able to right-click any part in my assembly to use the context menu option "View Mates", then I could edit/delete them.  When you do this, the selected part becomes the focus, it is turned transparent, and all other unrelated components in the assembly are hidden completely until you are done editing mates.


However, recently when I have finished these operations, the entire assembly is not coming back like I expect.  I have to manually right click the feature tree objects and click show components.  But then half of the parts are coming back transparent, so I have to right-click the entire tree and click "Change transparency".  With my large assembly, that means that some (such as dependent parts in collapsed folders) are unaffected by this, and/or are made transparent by my action.  I end up having to go through each part in the entire assembly and make sure that everything is not transparent.


Please tell me there is an easy way to avoid all of this.  Previously when I was done viewing mates, I was dropped back into the original assembly, and everything came back OK.  Now I am constantly fighting it, and it makes me want to avoid using the "View Mates" function, because I know that it's going to happen every time I use it.