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Question asked by Josh Campbell on Apr 2, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2014 by Josh Campbell

i have the latest AMD FirePro M4000 video driver that solidworks recommends and have recently upgraded to 2014. the problems i am having are that my hotkeys wont work when i click on 2 different surfaces from different parts to do a mate command or measure, etc.... unless i rotate the view first then my hotkeys work......



also, where i work we have a lot of internal hydraulic plumbing and we use transparents faces to be able to see whats going on inside of a part. i use model display style shaded with edges and once i right click on a face and make transparent, the display changes to shaded without edges....but the button still shows shaded with edges...


anyone else having the same problem??


before transparent:

PrtScr capture.jpg

after transparent:

PrtScr capture_2.jpg