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Sketch Blocks

Discussion created by Mark Matthews on Feb 6, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2007 by Charles Culp
I've attempted using sketch blocks for a mechanism exploration andhave saved the blocks so that other parts could use them; but bydoing this the blocks are no longer editable as they are"linked to an external file".  When I open the savedblock to edit it, it cannot be constrained to it's own origin, andwhen I change the dimension I want to change, all sketches thatcontain that block do not update correctly. All sketch referencesto the blocks are broken, or I should say, no longer in existence. Am I missing something very basic here?  Shouldn't thepoint of sketch blocks be to have parametric relations to a commonsketch propagate across parts that use that sketch?

Also, I can't seem to break the link to the external file, evenafter breaking all external references at the part level.