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    Sketch Blocks

    Mark Matthews
      I've attempted using sketch blocks for a mechanism exploration andhave saved the blocks so that other parts could use them; but bydoing this the blocks are no longer editable as they are"linked to an external file".  When I open the savedblock to edit it, it cannot be constrained to it's own origin, andwhen I change the dimension I want to change, all sketches thatcontain that block do not update correctly. All sketch referencesto the blocks are broken, or I should say, no longer in existence. Am I missing something very basic here?  Shouldn't thepoint of sketch blocks be to have parametric relations to a commonsketch propagate across parts that use that sketch?

      Also, I can't seem to break the link to the external file, evenafter breaking all external references at the part level.
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          Johan van Ravenhorst
          I guess that you are certainly not missing anything. I had the sameproblem in SW 2006 SP0. Try saving the sketch block to anotherbrand new file and reference that file instead of the old one. Theblock might react better then. However, as soon as you want tomeasure something using the measurement tools, the block might getmessed up again possibly. Upgrading to the latest SP's might helpas well. I would appreciate it if you could keep us informed aboutyour findings.

          (I thought I was the only one having this trouble :-))
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            Charles Culp
            I only use sketch blocks for drawings, so I haven't run into allthe problems you seem to have.  Let me list how I overcomesome of your issues though.  I do agree, blocks are rathercumbersome in SW, they seem to only have them as relics of 2D CAD,but I have plenty of instances where I need them myself!

            - When I want to constrain a point to the origin, I move it to X:0.0  Y:0.0, then "Fix" it.  You can set thelocation of the point by clicking on it, and there will be an X andY coordinate in the feature manager.

            - You may just have to do a full rebuild (CTRL-Q) to get yoursketches to update properly.  If they are set to "link toan external file" they should update every rebuild (or maybetry closing/reopening the document).

            - The way to set whether a block is linked to an external block isset by exiting the block, then clicking on the block (for me ithighlights pink), then in the feature manager is an option under"Definintion" that will either say "Link tofile", with a checked checkbox, or it have a button for"Edit".  You need to set that appropriately. If it is set to linked, it will be uneditable.  If it isnot linked, you can edit it.

            I hope my comments were at least somewhat helpful.  It soundslike you have a good comprehension of how blocks work, so I don'tmean to reiterate basic concepts, just hoping to fill any gaps. Let me know if there is something that needs moreclarification.