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how to get the object of FeatureWorksApp

Question asked by Seiya Kumada on Apr 2, 2014

I want to use the method "RecognizeFeatureAutomatic" that FeatureWorksApp provides.

To do so, I have to get the object of the FeatureWorksApp.

I wrote the following code in C#:


var featureWorks = _sldWorks.GetAddInObject("{7CF8CA03-1DCE-11d1-A89B-0020AF351FA9}") as IFeatureWorksApp;


The argument of the function "GetAddInObject" is GUID of the FeatureWorks add-in registered by SolidWorks.

I checked the value {7CF8CA03-1DCE-11d1-A89B-0020AF351FA9} to be correct by using the registry editor.

However, the above code returned null.


My development envrionment is Visual Studio 2012 and SolidWorks Premium 2012.

The path to FeatureWorks libraries is set as shown below:



If anyone knows the solution about it, please let me know.