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SolidWorks Workgroup to Enterprise Migration - Revision Number Issues

Question asked by Grabe De Villiers on Apr 2, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2015 by Ethan Kay

I have a problem when migrating my Workgroup vault to Enterprise.


In the workgroup vault we have two states: Design (with an Alphanumerical revision eg. B3) and Approved (with an Alphabetical revision eg. C).

When I migrate to Enterprise, I get the files to enter the correct state, either design or approved, with the approved files' revisions working 100%.


However, files in the design state with eg. revision B3, when transitioned to the Approved state in Enterprise, does not bump to rev C, but rather back to B again.

The files show the correct revision in Enterprise as it is displayed in Workgroup, but still reverts back a revision instead of being bumped.


Anybody had a similar issue to this and know how to solve it?