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Solidworks 2014 problems normal?

Question asked by Justin Harwell on Apr 1, 2014

I have Solidworks 2014 SP02, and along side having to reboot multiple times daily (depending on work load), I am finding many issues are popping up, The company we bought it from also with tech support assures us that these are normal glitches. So my question is simple does anyone else seem to be having issues with Solidworks 2014? Here are the ones off the top of my head.


Cannot import object in drawing mode, simply wont do it.


Can not import or export .ai. (found a work around,

the only way to open up .ai in solidworks is to Open Adobe illustrator first. Then leave adobe on and open solidworks. Open .ai file, and it will load. sadly it loads a million little lines where the image should be. This trick will NOT work if you try to do a problem capture, )


Can not export as a pdf


Icons dissappear or are changed to other Icons that do not match the assocated link. (work around for this one is renaming the flyout folder, according to someone else on the forum)


system will crash if you delete a line that is on a surface and is dimensioned out.


If you copy a curve on a line the screen will minimize


Trouble selecting dimensions (talked about in )


Various stability issues in what looks like coding, example structral members that will not come togather the first time but will  if you do it exactly the same way  in new part.


keep in mind I am only at sp02 so I do expect a bit of issues, but is this a computer issue or solidworks itself.

Work off of NIVIDIA K2000, with intel i7 64bit , and windows 7 , and 16 gb of ram. any one else having similar issues?