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Share File to Folder

Question asked by Paul Wyndham on Apr 1, 2014
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One of our engineers was telling me about how he likes to copy files out of the library into his sandbox folder. This way when he makes a new design he can see everything in one spot. This frustrated me a lot.


So, I turned on the "Share File to Folder" function, which frustrates me as well, but it isn't as bad as making a copy with a different name.


My questions are about the fundamental nature of Shared files.


Why is the file in the shared location not just a pointer to the original file????

They should not be making changes to the shared version, if the file is in the library than it is controlled by the librarian and the individual engineers can't just make changes to it. They might make changes that negatively effect other parts that use that file. It should just be there so that they can feel good about their system and can see it and visualize it. It could also belong to someone elses project and they are just using parts in their project.


Why can't you right click on a shared file and either list all the locations it is shared to, or what file it comes from????

This seems like a given that you would be able to quickly see which one is the master and which are the clones.

It makes no sense to me that each file looks and acts like a completely standalone file and you even have to get latest in order to see changes.


In order to remove the share why oh why do you have to delete and destroy the clone?

It is almost impossible to tell which one is the clone, so deleting is soooooo wrong.

Most users don't have destroy permissions on most folders. Yes, they might have delete permissions but that does not remove the share icon from the master.


If you delete a clone of the shared file, why doesn't that assemblies it is used in automatically show the master version of the file?????

This one is absolutely unreasonable and unrational to me. Why in the world would I want all my assemblies to break when I remove a shared version of a file??



It appears that the one and only reason of having shared files is to have a mess in the vault. Yes, the mess is a little more controlled than willy nilly copy and rename of files, but it is a mess all the same.


Please fix this functionality so that we can clean up our vaults and keep things organized and respectable.

Sorry looks like this turned into a rant more than a question -- so, Rant out.


Here is a quick screenshot that shows some shared files in seperate folders - as if they were seperate files.





Additional information -- Due to server management issues at IBM we are still using EPDM 2013. Hoping to be able to upgrade soon.

Paul Wyndham