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Would anybody be able to provide a '3D Tour' to HS students?

Question asked by Dan Bertschi on Apr 1, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2014 by Anthony Bear



Even though I am being partially assimilated into the CREO collective (I reserve the 'Dark Side' references for Autodesk ), one way I will be keeping touch with the SolidWorks community is a new 3D Club forming at my local high school.  I will be working with the computer science teacher as a mentor in this after-school club, and thought I'd ask if anyone would condsider a 3D Tour at their company to show pre-engineering students some real-world 3D activities.  There is no time frame set yet, the club is in its infancy, I'm just planning ahead.


If you're able to help in the future, please respond here or contact me directly.  Thanks in advance for any help!